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My friend gave me this sticker today and I probably “squeed” like a little fan-grrrl with delight, I adore it so much. Definitely going on the GrubbyGrrrl-mobile (my car) somewhere. Is it not the cutest thing?! Other news, I just finished recording a couple of lines for a podcast novel that I love. If & …

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I’m so excited to read y’all a little story today… with a cat in it of course.  If you hang in to the end of it, there are silly outtakes.  Hope you enjoy!

Blizzard by Joyce Lipman, Narrated by GrubbyGrrrl  <– (y’all probably know this,

but just in case, click on the title to play the audio)

My plan is to add music and/or ambient noise and/or some sound effects to it in the future, but for my own personal reasons, wanted to get it out into the universe as a plain solo read now.

Have a great day!

Ok. You get the good, the bad and the ugly. This is the bad and ugly. I consider this project a fail, but I apparently want to make you suffer too since I’m sharing it. Ha ha – just kidding!

Started with some window markers I wanted to use. I brainstormed for a while. Decided I could use them to follow Noah Scalin’s prompt to make “a large version of something usually smaller.” What could you find on glass that is cat related? Footprints. Sometimes on a car. So I could make really big tiger-like footprints on my car. Oh so clever and funny as an idea. But not as easy to accomplish. Ahhh, it’s alright. I can’t be fabulous everyday! ;)

Window marker test – indoors, room temperature.

I put my own cats outside to get their feet dirty… (happy cats chased butterflies!!)

and made Chaos walk on my car (it wasn’t hot)… but didn’t get any footprints.

I got Napoleon’s feet a little wet, walked him around the driveway and placed him on the car…
… model footprints achieved!
Then the attempt to make my own big footprints with a marker… fail!!! Not sure if it’s because it was 50 F out or because the window wasn’t cleaned, but the marker died. Couldn’t achieve what I wanted.
Redirected my idea and created a stencil…
Made my own muddy tiger-sized footprints on my car…
which turned out difficult to photograph:
A closeup:
Circled the footprints so you can see where they are (the blue circle are Napoleon’s real cat footprints):
Comparing Napoleon’s prints on the left to mine on the right:
Really, the only way I will consider this project a success is if at work or the grocery store, someone asks me if we have mountain lions in our neighborhood after seeing my car.  Which would be cool… (someone asking that is, not having mountain lions because stealthy-human-stalking-predators scare me.)
Hope you aren’t stalked by a mountain lion!

Most time-intensive project yet. Almost 2 months to make this. Finally my first hooked rug is done!

I am happy and relieved and a little sad.

Voila! Finished rug.

I’m happy it’s finally done because I’ve been pushing myself to finish it “quickly” for weeks. Relieved because it really is done!! And a little sad because working on one project that is simple, manual work without much thought after it’s started is, as Mary put it on her blog, meditative. It also was easy to do during a work meeting, and I watched a lot of anime and TV while doing this, which is an uncommon treat. So I’ll miss the “easy”-ness of this. At the same time, I’ve been chomping at the bit, wishing it was done for weeks.

Every time I sat down to work on this, Chaos climbed up on the rug. What a helpful boy.

I bought it as a kit on e-bay and began hooking it 15 February 2012. I did take a week off to do the cut paper project. Finally finished it tonight, 5 April 2012. So, 7 and 1/2 weeks to finish.

This is where I ran out of black wool and worked on cut paper Cat 115 for about a week.

The e-bay vendor was great and sent me more black wool to complete the project.

When I finished all the hooking and took it out of the hoop, I had to resist the urge to call it finished and move on to the next project… but I know myself. I would never get back to it and it would bug me being half done. Better to finish it all up now.

Fresh out of the quilting hoop without a binding yet.

So I found this great tutorial on binding rugs and followed her technique. I started binding on 30 March and it took 7 days to bind it. Apparently I am much slower than the woman who wrote that great blog post!

A rare event: a real lunch break! I made it down to the Hudson River on a beautiful day and started binding the rug.

Binding in process (didn't have pins with me for the corners & used extra needles instead).

Finally the twill is all whipstitched and the rug is complete!

View from the back. Binding is finished.

White was a poor choice. I may rip this out and just stitch "GG April 2012" right onto the black twill with some upholstery thread.. or not.

Hooked rug... or new cat bed? Chaos makes his opinion known as I take photos for the blog.

Thanks to folks who “voted” and gave me feedback on the last post! Asante sana. I had my own preference before I posted, but I really was curious what y’all thought. My preference? Final projects. But if everyone voted the opposite, I would take that into consideration and ponder why I’m making my choices. I haven’t closed the voting, but at the moment there are 4 votes for “final projects only,” 3 votes for “process info along the way,” and 3 votes for “other”: 1) post finished projects with accompanying process photos, 2) post about other activities (Thanks for the suggestion. I do post little random life events on Twitter so you can check that out if you’re interested. The bulk of the rest of my life is spent working which I really can’t blog about), and 3) do whatever I want… which I planned to do anyway! :)  So it kind ends up 6 votes for “final projects only.” We have a winner. And it’s a winner I like.  Thank you again for your input!

(Even if you don’t read this post but could answer the poll question at the end, I’d be grateful.  Thanks! – GG)

Just a quick post to let everybody know that I have obviously slowed down the making of cats as compared to last fall, but I am not going away.  I found my previous cat production schedule was so intense that I wasn’t exercising, cooking, seeing friends, watching movies or anime, updating my budget, keeping up on mail, reading email, looking at blogs or FB, sleeping much or showering (ok, just kidding about the last one). Just not sustainable for me. And I’d really like to keep creating for a long time while staying healthy. And I’d like to do so while keeping my paying job that often requires long hours.

So, after debating many alternative names for the project, I decided to simply go from “365 Days of Cats” to “365 Cats.” They’ll all be created eventually and you’ll get to see them if you stick around. And this gives me freedom from feeling like I’m failing when I don’t produce one a day, which is my own problem. And I will feel better about spending many days on a single project when I want to tackle something time-consuming.

So there you have it.

I do have a question for y’all tho…

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Puzzle cat. Need I say more? Okay, I need to say my index fingertips are numb from using an Exacto knife to cut the puzzle pieces. That is all. Okay, maybe I’ll chatter a little to say the design was inspired by primitive rug hooking patterns I’ve seen in a library book and on-line. I …

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I am so touched! A friend of a friend who doesn’t know me, but follows this blog sent me a present over the holidays!  I feel famous!  And very grateful.  And humble.  So, I didn’t create it, but it definitely deserves a post. Complete with cute card and cat related goodness, I got a “Crazy Cat Lady” booklet, complete with solid information like, if you have an orange cat (my cat Chaos is buff orange), “Garfield comics still crack you up. Your ancestors are likely Irish.” [I am of Irish descent!]. And if you have short hair cats (both of mine are), “You could actually see how Michael Bolton could be handsome now that he’s cut his hair.” [Uh, not really.] If you have a long-haired cat, “As a kid, you loved brushing out the tangles in your Barbie’s hair.” [Must be why I don’t have one – I was a destroyer of dolls! Mwahahaha!] There is also a magnetized crazy cat lady with nine metal cats to stick to her. I can see my future now! Ha ha! I am so touched by the gift and the gesture. Thank you B!!!

And my dear friend gave me some earrings which I wore the other day and got compliments on. They are so cute, I wish I could say I made them!  Thanks C!!!!

House renovations, crazy work hours and other life events are rolling along well.  The  cat creations will be back in February! :)

PS If you too want to send GrubbyGrrrl presents or just plain ol’ hard cash, email me for my address!  LOL!  Just kidding!! I entertain myself!

Hope you have a great day! Smooch a kitty!

The suggestion I took today from Noah Scalin’s “365: A Daily Creativity Journal” was to write a 10 word sci-fi story. A quickie due to another long day, it is sadly not illustrated. I’m also including alternatives…. which more than doubled in number as I wrote this.


My fave first:

1) Abducted cat travels in spaceships, witnessing miracles, watching C-beams glitter.

(This references a quote from the movie Blade Runner. Batty (Rutger Hauer): “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain… Time to die.”)

2) Aliens abduct cat. Impressed, they keep & begin cat cult.

(Yea, this one doesn’t quite work with only 10 words.)

3) House cat abducted by aliens. They never return her home.

(This also doesn’t quite work… the next explains a little better what I was thinking.)

4) Aliens abduct cat. Tests reveal perfect species. Feline worship initiates.

(“Initiates” – such a sciencey word.)

5) House cat abducted by aliens. Travels and sees amazing galaxies.

6) Spaceship cat joyfully kills small, lizard-like rodents in distant galaxies.

(Is “lizard-like” really a single word?)

7) Feline mind control pushed society to deplete all tuna resources.

(Hmmm, doesn’t really convey that the cats eat it all.)

8) Daikaiju [giant monster] “Mittens” successfully battles Godzilla in Tokyo, saving all humanity.

9) New technology produces collar capable of making a cat invisible.

10) Invisible cat with high-tech collar, walks unimpeded on kitchen counters.

(This is what I think our cats would do…. well, they kinda do it already.)

11) Invisible cat with high-tech collar, escapes outside for daily adventures.

(Another desire our cats have.)

12) Invisible cat with high-tech collar, pounces on sleeping, unsuspecting dogs.

(Some cats would love this. Probably not ours.)

13) Invisible cat with high-tech collar, catches dozens of surprised mice.

14) Cats lived 10^9th lives once nano-tech was adapted for them.

OMG, I must stop & get to bed. That is too much fun! G’night all!

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We bought a desk for me from Ikea for an early Christmas gift, which I am excited about. I can totally use the space it will give me. But it has become a project to assemble it because I want the legs closer together then they were manufactured for. So, being no awesome construction worker, …

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I’m a huge fan of animation.  At the moment, anime (Japanese cartoons) is my love.  Look at the historical beauty of the Edo period in the quiet “House of Five Leaves,” the gorgeous animation and slightly odd retelling of the classic, “The Count of Monte Cristo: Gankutsuou“.  And my own beloved favorite, the fun “Samurai Champloo,” with wicked sword fights …

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Today’s lesson: I am not good at creating Tangrams! Ha ha! The assignment I followed from Noah Scalin’s “365: A Daily Creativity Journal” was to make a Tangram. I’ve been sick, had headaches, been busy (i.e. normal life). So I worked on these a few minutes each day for the last 3 days. I’m happy …

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I have a few time-consuming projects which are currently in the works. Some are just in my brain and I’m gathering supplies.  A couple are almost finished, but I need some more parts for completion. So… you get another rather simple cat today. The prompt from Noah Scalin’s book that I followed was to make a cat out of my dinner. I think I laughed out loud when I pulled this corn chip out of the bag – it came pre-shaped! I just added some of my (ever-present) sprout seeds to make eyes.

Yum, tasty with salsa!