Monthly Archives: August 2011

Today’s assignment was to make something that floated.  I thought of floating candles and a variety of (as usual) complicated things.  On a lunch break at work I made this box with the kitty sketch as a prototype.  I was trying to make the kitty look like he was watching the water underneath him (or maybe a fish).  He’s rather cyclopean, but I actually like him and how he ends up looking at his reflection.  I didn’t even notice it until I uploaded the photo.  So this was going to be a “reject” (I did not do him in waterproof ink even) and ended up being my favorite!

I used to love origami as a kid.  And I have to say, children of the world today, it is SOOOOO much easier to make something following someone on YouTube than from a 1970’s origami book!  This is a cute little kitty I found on YouTube and I thought he would float since his body could hold a lot of air under it. He’s a little top-heavy and his head likes to tip down more than his body.  But hey, he floats.  I’m good with that.
He’s so cute.  You can find how to make him on this You Tube video.  Jo Nakashima who makes him makes a large number other amazing origami pieces!
And he’s made out of super-special glow in the dark paper!!!!!!!!  Woo hoo! (that’s the best part about him)

This was a good rainy day project.  The assignment was to take a potato or a sponge, make a stamp and use it on some medium.  We only had sweet potatoes in the house, so the heart was a test to make sure it would even work.  And then I made the kitty tipping his head up like he was thinking (the notebook already said “rethink”), did some test stamps on an ink pad and then applied them to the notebook.

Some failed attempts: tissue box (no photo) & edge of cat scratch box (below).  Both were too glossy and didn’t take up the ink.

And Chaos being a helpful cat as always.  Lying on the final product.  (How can that be comfortable?!)

Last collage! Yay! This is how I think cats see themselves as hunters. “Butterflies, no problem. Goldfish and birds, easy pickins. Elephants, I can take ’em.”

I had fun finding other, sometimes unreasonable, things for a cat to hunt. Here are some of the other images that didn’t make the final cut: (the kitten with the fish bowl was the inspiration for this collage)

And this is Chaos “helping,” laying in the only clear spot left that I had been working in.

Yesterday I was exhausted and no cat for you! I gave myself permission to miss one cat per week and it was the first day I missed. But I guess I was not really comfortable with that because I did two today. I also had the day off today which made it possible. Although you know, we’re all getting ready for Hurricane Irene & battening down the hatches up here in upstate NY and that took… well, maybe a couple of hours to put away some outdoor stuff & help hubby clean gutters. And what does that have to do with my project? Not much. But cat project did get bumped to late evening again.

Today’s swirls are inspired by marikamakes‘ beautiful swirls!! Thanks for all your inspiring birds :)

And I think I may almost like my paint test card better than the final one. But alas, there’s no cat.

I think if we got a look at a magazine in a world run by cats, it would definitely have an ad in it like this. The cats are plotting again! Actually, they may already have mastered this training topic… at least my two have.

This little collage actually took two hours to make, which seems too long.  Time flies when looking for words like “empowerment,” “feline” and “human” in magazines, giving up and constructing them from other words. At the moment I’m thinking that collage isn’t the most enjoyable medium for me. But I’ll give it a couple of weeks and look back on it to decide what I think of the pieces.

In the meantime, I’ve been delving into painting books at the library and bookstores trying to decide if I want to buy acrylics, oils or watercolors.  Whatever I end up going with, I love reading and reading about art is awesome.  I had a happy day after work looking at books.  (Actually, I had a pretty happy day at work, too.)

Again, gratitude to this project for pushing me to explore art again.