Day 1 of the challenge – something quick and easy to dive into the pool

Chaos Love & Joy Superkitty poses

Napoleon Pullapart annoyed that the human is not serving his dinner yet

So I work a non-creative, intense, long-hours, science job which I love… but I have been longing to “create something” for a few years. Big debates about exactly what to create would happen in my head, a balancing of the plusses and minuses,  dabble a little in this and that, but I would never take the leap to commit to anything long-term. While listening to the Accidental Creative podcast (love it!), I heard about A Daily Creativity Journal 365: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life and it rattled around in the back of my brain for several months. When I got the 365 book in the mail (big thanks & hugs to Karrie and her cat who gave me the gift certificate I used!) I was super-excited! What I love about this challenge is that every day results in a different creation and I don’t have to know what I do or don’t like as mediums – this is a way for me to explore, make mistakes, maybe like those mistakes later, make things on days I feel like it and days I don’t.

In light of my crazy work schedule, I am giving myself permission to miss 1 assignment per week.  And I’m starting off with a 10-day trial period.  If visual art stuff takes too long, I may have to downsize it to be more reasonable or shift the time scale to every other or every third day.  We’ll see.  I won’t know until I try!

Sooooo…. on August 3, 2011 I took the plunge.  It was around 9pm at night.  For days I had been creating a List of what my focus might be which looked kinda like this: “cats, monsters, ladybugs, art journal, invented animals, octupi, dragons, japanese word & image of the day, robots, cats, photography, self portraits, story a day voicework, my own written story a day recorded, a sentence a day recorded, cats,  flowers, painting – oil and watercolor and acrylic, haiku, a different animal a day, hamsters, cats, banjo lesson a day, cats…” and on and on.  But I kept coming back to cats.  Because I probably have toxoplasmosis.  And I am obsessed with my cats.

So hanging out on the couch just before bed, I decided to just start with something really simple, as Noah Scalin recommends in his book.  iPhone in hand, I downloaded the “Fotovado” app, snapped pictures of my beloved cats, and revealed their true natures: “good cat” and “bad cat.”  [Okay, maybe “bad cat” could more properly be called “odd cat who doesn’t really like his humans and prefers guests.”]


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