Day 4 – Take a 5 Minute Walk

So today I took a five minute walk, collected items I found and then put them together.  Then I left it in a place where someone else would find it.

So far this was my least favorite project. The wood and bits of charcoal are from an old burn pile. There were various other items I couldn’t figure out how to use – flower pots, an old screen, a little piece of tin, some green grapes. I had probably 5 versions of something sorta cat-like. Then the wind came up, I would almost have the pieces arranged to take a photo and it would all move. I was out in a field alone saying, “Fahk fahk fahk.” (sigh)  Sometimes I just get my grumpy pants on and can’t get ’em off!  I ended up using a glue gun to secure this all together in the house and happily left it in a YMCA parking lot. I was stressing out but I’m still glad I got something done for the day.

No poll for you today! Grubby grrrl is grumpy girl!

Below is a cat whose little green grape eyes make him look insane.

And this below appears to be more of a squirrel than a cat. LOL!

    • Thank you! It was less about being hard on myself and more about being cranky and uninspired. But a huge part of this challenge is making something even on the days you feel uninspired. Some of the folks who have done 365 days of art, like their work on their uninspired days better than inspired days, when they look back. So, we’ll see. Still, I’m glad you like it! :)

  1. Mary said:

    I love you 5 minute walk project! I felt the same way about my 5 minute walk project but I got a lot of comments on it and I do like it better now. I would be thrilled to find your project on a walk and I would photograph it with my phone.

    • awww, thanks mary! i suspect i may come to like my 5 minute walk project, too. which is interesting, how my feelings can change so much about a piece. we’ll see. i’m excited!

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