Day 5 – Basic Sketches

Today I was a total REBEL!! and I didn’t even attempt the assignment given. I’ve been feeling like I am lacking in my knowledge of the basic structure & proportions of cats. So I reviewed that a bit with sketches for myself. Breaking the rules is fun and important and stimulating in art, but I think it’s a good principle to know your basics and make a conscious decision to veer off when you want to. For the love of God, I don’t want to be making disproportionate cats unwittingly!!! (Although this cat’s right eye is higher than his left.  Perhaps he was stepped on as a kitten?!)

I’m liking this daily challenge. I’m trying to figure out if it would benefit from any tweaks to keep me doing it long term.  I’m realizing I love cats, but do I love cats in “art” vs cats in “real life?”  I rather like monsters and people in art… but can I do a year’s worth of them?  Hmmmm.  I’m considering upgrading to a 30 day commitment and if all goes well, a 365 day commitment.  I have things to ponder. And this is good. Walking into uncertainty and not running away makes you stronger!

I’m also a stinkin’ hour late getting to bed. I’ve been fussing with WordPress and trying to figure out how to load multiple pictures, what is a “featured photo” or a “blog photo/icon?” Oh, I’ll kick this program’s butt!!! LOL! – Ok, more likely IT will take ME down!

But honestly, I’m pretty amazed at how much I’ve been able to do with WordPress just diving in and mucking around by myself.

^ Rawr!!! Maybe my favorite sketch for the night.


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