Day 12 – Watercolor Kitty

I lent my book to a friend, so I’m on my own for ideas for a few days.  At first the world was going to be green and blue with land and water, and then it got influenced by my watching the opening art of the wonderful “Usagi Drop“.  (Love “Bunny Drop”!)  It has been a long time since I used watercolors and I was never very adept.  The sky was fun & with practice I am sure it could be better.  And I got to play with my new ink pens and watercolors.

Huh, it is rather infused with that Japanese cuteness vibe, isn’t it? Oh well.

I have learned producing one item a day really makes me give up any perfectionism. Which is a flaw I love – trying to be perfect.  I would probably on my own do this 20 times different ways before I had one I was really happy with… but there just isn’t time.  And then I wouldn’t even like it anyway.  So here I am, doing “good enough”!!

  1. Mary said:

    so cute! I love all the detail., especially the kitty laying in the window sunshine.

    • Mwahaha! Now you know the silly insanity lurking inside :)

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