Day 13 – Water Kitty

Today’s assignment was to use only water as my inspiration or medium.  I thought of making a cat in a puddle somehow, but it was dark and raining when I got home.  So I tried to photograph both of my kitties through water, but Napoleon was having none of it.  Chaos Love and Joy Super Kitty was a good sport and let me take a bunch of pictures of him through a couple of water containers.  These first two make me think of a cat as interpreted by Joan Miro, all surreal with facial structures rearranged.

And then I used a round pitcher stacked on some books to get it up to the level of his head.  These photos remind me of Sigur Rós’s album cover art for Von.  (I LOVE love LOVE Sigur Rós! If you want to check them out, the single “Saeglópur” is a good place to start or my favorite song “Starálfur” and if you like them, the album Takk… and go from there. Von is just too weird to start with.)

The first of these two photos also makes me think of a head living in a jar, kind of like Decartes philosophies (you could be a brain in a jar imagining your own world) or a big orange goldfish-cat.

Chaos being patient while I take photos of him.

An example of one of my water ideas that didn’t work out.  I thought I might be able to use ice alone and somehow make a cat.  That would really be ONLY using water.  I took a soldering gun and melted a simple round kitty face into an ice cube, but the ice cracked and melted very fast.  It became impossible to see what I had actually melted on the surface. I suppose I could have tweaked this idea until I had something that worked, but after a 12 hour day at work, nope.

It was fun to find that after 3 sleep deprived nights in a row and a 12 hour work day I still found energy to make a cat.  I actually was looking forward to it tonight and it seemed to give me energy back after I expended so much on a difficult day at work.

I’m curious what people liked of this project.  It’s funny and cool how the stuff I don’t like as much gets more comments by people.  Everybody’s different. Y’all are freaks!  LOL – just kidding!  ;)

  1. Mary said:

    These photos are really cool almost as creative as the names of your cats! When you said living head in a jar it made me think of this really old movie I saw when I was a kid (scared the crap out of me) called “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” I found a link

  2. LOL! I love that link! What great scary music at the beginning! When I’m cooking dinner or something, I’ll have to watch the whole thing. :)

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