Day 14: Non-dominant hand Kitty

Today’s assignment was to do something with my non-dominant hand.  This is another day of art on the fly.  I am pretty sure a real cat might confuse my first cat above with a tadpole – LOL! I sketched out a few more. I liked making their whiskers.  It’s cool how that pen can start off thick and flick out thin as you release pressure. If I had more time, I’d probably pick one pose, slow down to do it well and use some watercolors.  But there’s no time for that today.

I realize this assignment of a piece of art a day actually makes me want to do more, not less as I feared it might.

And look out art world: I can stamp a mean cat with my right hand!!!!

  1. Mary said:

    Are you a lefty? I am. your second kitty could be logo or an icon. The right handed drawing was one of my favorite projects so far. I am having a hard time sticking to the books prompts and doing one everyday. but I’m getting lots of good ideas.

    • Fellow lefty! :D Thanks. I’m surprised anyone really liked any of these. Thank you! Yea, the daily thing is hard. But for the moment… I’m sticking to it. It’s a bit of a battle between wanting to stick by my commitment and wanting to do really time consuming pieces which I don’t have time for and getting sleep. Throwing perfection out the window is helping. The prompts are interesting because without them I think I’d have a year of clay sculptures, ink and watercolor. Which would be okay. It would make me better at them by the end of the year! So I think about putting his ideas to the side, but then I’m so curious what idea he’ll have for the next day and what my brain will come up with. So for now, I’ll stick with them. But I’m not committed to that. I hope you continue making art – I look forward to seeing what you create!

  2. Mary said:

    Sounds like you and I feel the same way about this project. I find myself wanting to do more ambitious-time consuming pieces than to just follow the prompts. But before the book I didn’t have any ideas for any project and now I do, so I really like the book. I only follow the prompts if I feel like it. after all, this should be fun and not drudgery. I hope to see a clay sculpture from you soon!

    • I have to admit, I love your detailed stuff. But don’t let that influence you – quick and fun is important too!. Hmmm, clay…. I used to use a potter’s wheel and kiln but I don’t have access anymore. I saw a recipe in the 365 book on page 238 for “baker’s clay”…

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