Day 16: Tea Kitty

This was the best-smelling project so far!  The suggestion for today was to make something from tea.  I chose to use some of my unsteeped looseleaf teas.  And it smelled really good while I was making this!  If I had been braver I would have filled in the background with another tea to cover the white, but I wanted to save my tea leaves and just couldn’t bring myself to fill the background.  I also was having trouble figuring out what tea might have been a good texture and color choice against the others.  Maybe I could have stained the paper with a tea bag first… or not.  As I am kinda in love with tea, this was a fun way to play with them all.

I also loved the texture of it finished.  The body had a nubby look – I wished the tea was glued in place so I could touch it without moving all the leaves.

Pupils = Hyson green tea, irises = Yerba mate, nose and mouth = Rooibos, body = Gunpowder green, cloud = Silver vin zhen pearls, toy/ball = a flowering tea (I can’t read the Chinese label), and the ground = the smelliest! Mayan chai.

And actually, there was another sketched out kitty I before this on. The trouble was his face was too detailed and I couldn’t get the teas to fit in the small spaces and it looked messy and unintelligible.

Trying to decide what teas to use where:

This took 2 hours to assemble, another 1.5 hours to photograph and post.  Amazing how the time flies – I would have sworn the whole thing only took an hour!


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