Day 17: Tiny Cat Graffiti

Today’s project was the most fun for me so far. It was a beautiful cloudy summer day outside. And running around tagging everything with tiny cats was so much fun!! Looking around thinking, “What else can I draw a tiny cat on?” The actual suggestion for today was to make something microscopic, as small as possible. I may have been able to make something smaller at work under the microscope, but this was more fun! I don’t know why when I was out doing some garden work I felt compelled to draw a cat with my superfine ink pen on the bright yellow petal of Birdsfoot trefoil. But once I started, I couldn’t stop! The above thistle was actually the last thing I did and I think my favorite.

Trying to get smaller and smaller kitties drawn…

A cluster of flowers with tiny cats drawn on most of them.

I realized later that the purple flower photo above was out of focus, so I went out to photograph it again and it was closing up. I think this cat looked more like a large-eared chihuahua, but I’ll still accept it :)

Kitty on a nail head.

Cucumber flower kitty.

Zucchini flower kitty.

Tomato flower kitty.. which really looks more like a robot up close.

Tiny cat on a dahlia.

Dump truck kitty.

It’s hard to see but there’s a tiny kitty on the white portion of the door in the lower right corner of the photo.

Tiny kitty on the 1960 Willie’s Jeep bumper.

Tiny cat is on the grey wooden door frame and in the background is camouflage cat:

Tiny cat is still on the beam in the foreground. Tiny.

And another shot of my favorite, the thistle.

Maybe we should have a treasure hunt at our house and ask people to find the tiny cats.

  1. Mary said:

    I agree, the thistle kitty is superb! What a fun project. You should have a treasure hunt! It could be part of a cat themed party where all your guests will come up with there own cat art for you to use in your cat a day project. or maybe your friends would think you were crazy lol

  2. Curious Art said:

    LOVING the idea of tiny graffiti… I’m seriously tempted to take up that concept! Also I have to say your Cheshire cat cutout is brilliant. Found your blog via 365 & I’ll be back!

    • Ooh, do tiny graffiti! I would love to see it! And thank you for your kind words :)

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