Day 22: Zen Kitty – Collage 4

Woo hoo. Done before dark! This collage thing 7 days in a row is actually kind of hard. Really couldn’t find the pieces to what I wanted to do and ended up with this instead. And I may actually like it more than my original idea. I like that the Buddha and the cat both look as though they could be gazing at the butterfly. And I love how that cat looks like s/he is intently staring at something. And I find I really like taking the photographs of the cat art when I get done during the day and can use sunlight.

Yesterday I raided my local library for some books – color, watercolor… maybe I’ll go back and get some acrylic books. Want to invest in some good paint and I’m not sure which I want. I thank this project for giving me the kick in the pants to read up and decide! And then do something with it! So next week MAY be about painting. Will depend on the ol’ work schedule tho. And my projects may become day by day updates on more involved pieces? Who knows?! That’s the adventure!

If you like working with oil vs acrylic vs watercolor, please comment below about what you work with and why. Thank you!!!

  1. Love how your collage is so different to mine. Looking for acrylics? Go Golden – expensive but so worth it.

    Keep up the collage a day, I tag Collageaday2011

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