Day 23: Feline Empowerment – Collage 5

I think if we got a look at a magazine in a world run by cats, it would definitely have an ad in it like this. The cats are plotting again! Actually, they may already have mastered this training topic… at least my two have.

This little collage actually took two hours to make, which seems too long.  Time flies when looking for words like “empowerment,” “feline” and “human” in magazines, giving up and constructing them from other words. At the moment I’m thinking that collage isn’t the most enjoyable medium for me. But I’ll give it a couple of weeks and look back on it to decide what I think of the pieces.

In the meantime, I’ve been delving into painting books at the library and bookstores trying to decide if I want to buy acrylics, oils or watercolors.  Whatever I end up going with, I love reading and reading about art is awesome.  I had a happy day after work looking at books.  (Actually, I had a pretty happy day at work, too.)

Again, gratitude to this project for pushing me to explore art again.

  1. Mary said:

    Oooo, I did the same thing (trying to decide what medium to buy) I already had cheap acrylics, which I love so I got some really good pan and tube watercolors and now I want to take a class! I love them! I have a friend who is an EXCELLENT oil painter so I have tried his oils. Awesome. but I can’t make the plunge financially. Also there is the messy clean up. Maybe some day I will invest…
    I’m glad you had a happy day at work. Now I am intrigued about what you do. Science and art seam far apart but hey my favorite subject in elementary school was science so maybe they aren’t that far apart.

    • I have a little book on color theory I’m reading & they have a list of supplies they recommend with 10 basic colors and starting supplies. I priced Golden acrylics with the other supplies and it was about $200. Bummed. That’s great you have a friend who’s supplies you can check out! I’m wondering as a beginner who might not keep up with it, do invest in good acrylics? I understand the theory that working with good paint and brushes with a good setup is more likely to lead to better paintings and keep me going. It’s just that little detail of money! LOL! (If you want to know what I do for a living, you can email me and I’ll dish :).) That’s cool that you liked science and art! Me too! :)

      • Mary said:

        I signed up for your email subscription. Can’t wait to find out what you do for a living, I’m intrigued.

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