Day 24 sorta: Swirls – Collage Kitty 6

Yesterday I was exhausted and no cat for you! I gave myself permission to miss one cat per week and it was the first day I missed. But I guess I was not really comfortable with that because I did two today. I also had the day off today which made it possible. Although you know, we’re all getting ready for Hurricane Irene & battening down the hatches up here in upstate NY and that took… well, maybe a couple of hours to put away some outdoor stuff & help hubby clean gutters. And what does that have to do with my project? Not much. But cat project did get bumped to late evening again.

Today’s swirls are inspired by marikamakes‘ beautiful swirls!! Thanks for all your inspiring birds :)

And I think I may almost like my paint test card better than the final one. But alas, there’s no cat.

1 comment
  1. Mary said:

    Can I just say, thank you for the kudos. You have made my morning. And is that watercolor I see? Hope you are having fun. I save all my test pieces, some day they might get used.

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