Day 25: Mighty Hunter – Collage Cat 7

Last collage! Yay! This is how I think cats see themselves as hunters. “Butterflies, no problem. Goldfish and birds, easy pickins. Elephants, I can take ’em.”

I had fun finding other, sometimes unreasonable, things for a cat to hunt. Here are some of the other images that didn’t make the final cut: (the kitten with the fish bowl was the inspiration for this collage)

And this is Chaos “helping,” laying in the only clear spot left that I had been working in.

  1. Well done!

    We had a cat who was a hunter. He would deposit expensive koi carp on our back doorstep. Years later we discovered from where they came. I have to admit that we kept quiet…..

  2. Mary said:

    Your work area looks a lot like mine but I don’t have that kick-butt green wall. Now I want to paint my craft room…

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