Day 26: Potato stamp cat

This was a good rainy day project.  The assignment was to take a potato or a sponge, make a stamp and use it on some medium.  We only had sweet potatoes in the house, so the heart was a test to make sure it would even work.  And then I made the kitty tipping his head up like he was thinking (the notebook already said “rethink”), did some test stamps on an ink pad and then applied them to the notebook.

Some failed attempts: tissue box (no photo) & edge of cat scratch box (below).  Both were too glossy and didn’t take up the ink.

And Chaos being a helpful cat as always.  Lying on the final product.  (How can that be comfortable?!)

    • I just started an email draft this weekend for your Make Something 365 blog. I’ll finish writing it and send it over. Thank you so much for looking at my stuff! I’m amazed you found me! :) And I love your book, too. It’s like each suggestion is a little mini challenge & they are very creative.

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