Day 28: Eye Patch with Cat Skull

Ahoy mateys!! Arrgh!! Let’s weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!

Some rum and ponderings for a moment, and then back to your regularly scheduled programmin’:

Shiver me timbers, it’s been 4 weeks of making a cat per day already! Can’t believe how fast time flies. And I can’t believe how long each project takes.  And I can’t believe that I somehow fit it into each day. And I can’t believe I’m not sick or falling over mid-day from lack of sleep.  Hmmmm, this is some time bending stuff going on!

I can’t remember which Accidental Creative podcast it was, but I remember one of the guests Todd Henry interviewed talked about how creators have to tolerate a lot of uncertainty, which is really uncomfortable, and most people don’t like to stay in this emotional space.  This is so true.  Moving forward, I’m always a little anxious about what the suggestion will be, will I be able to live up to it? Will it come out how I want it? Will I like it? (I work to drop the thought, “Will anyone else like it?” because that’s toxic, but it does pop up in my brain.) And I don’t think I would stay in this uncomfortable frame of mind this long, if I hadn’t made this 365 day challenge. But now when I look back on the stuff I’ve made, I’m really happy about most of them.  So glad I’m doing this!

Ok, that’s enough babbling ya’ scallywags.  Back to the bat channel… or as it were, the pirate channel:

Today’s assignment was to make an eyepatch, or art inspired by an eyepatch.  So I thought I’d make my only doll an eyepatch.  So I pulled out my beloved Wonky Doll, had visions of something really colorful and pulled out a bunch of pastels, colored pencils and crayons… and then somehow unexpectedly ended up with this black and white cat skull eye patch.  Which doesn’t really fit Wonky’s personality, but I need to jet to work, so it is what it is.  I posted “before” and “after” pictures of Wonky (who really needs to be washed but I’m so afraid I’ll ruin him.  If you have suggestions for washing hand-made dolls [I did not make him!], please comment. I want the little bugger clean and whole – thanks!)

And this is the cat skull pre-shaping-into-eye-patch form.  This is a day I wish I owned black acrylic paint to make the background solid.  I used ink on some pre-used paper in our house.And this is an eyepatch doodle while I was going through my colored pencils pre cat skull.A’ight.  I gotta run to work.  Thanks for stopping by and looking! :)

    • LOL! Finally! And our parents told us we were just goofing off :)

    • Wonky doll. Love him too. I bought him at Connecticon 2010 in the artist alley. They had a whole bunch of really cool dolls and I’ve never seen a website for them, sadly. But I’m glad you like him too!

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