Day 31: Ten Word Cat Love Story

“Cats run wild all night. Adventure fuels their passionate hearts.”

I thought this was a great assignment! Write a 10 word love story and illustrate it. I wrote the text yesterday and played around with laying it out and illustrating it today. They came out okay.  Compared to what I had envisioned, they’re not great.  And that’s okay. Part of this project for me is learning what I like, don’t like, what I’d like to practice. Watercolor skills and good drawing skills are needed! I think writing the little stories and picturing great illustrations in my mind was the most fun part for me.  (And my apologies for unreadable handwriting, so I typed out the stories for your reading pleasure.)“Cat sees mouse. Eyes meet. True love. Happily ever after.”

“”Forbidden love between cat and mouse started with a glance.”

“Cat spies beautiful mouse. Long talks. Begin dating. First kiss.”

(All ink +/- watercolor +/- pencil. Finished two are on watercolor paper.  Others are on a variety of scrap and drawing papers.)

  1. Cecilia said:

    Love it!

    • Your pick made it & got illustrated! Thank you :)

  2. This wonderful! I love the 10 word story and the illustrations fit perfectly.

    • Thank you! And I love your blog – I was just checking it out this morning :)

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