Day 32: Bridge with Cat Poem

Bridge poem: “Cats walk delicately across tenuous surfaces. Bounding and leaping on the strong. Slinking through tight spots.”

Noah Scalin’s suggestion for today’s project was to build a bridge.  And I really enjoyed building my bridge.  It was a beautiful day out as I started, with birds singing. I loved being outside.  The bridge is across an old well on our property made of fallen limbs in the area.  I like how the rungs across the bridge are sticks whose bark has fallen off and are pale so they remind me of bones.  And they are brighter than most everything around them in the woods which makes them “pop”.  I like the rhythm of all the pieces on a row and I like how it’s irregular yet aligned and abstract if you were to come up upon it unexpectedly on a walk.

The tricky part was figuring out how to get a cat into it.

Clay kitty was out for his own photo shoot, so I put him on the bridge. But I didn’t feel like that challenged me to make a cat in a new way.

It didn’t get photographed, but I did start building a cat from sticks, but it felt like I was just redoing the camouflage kitty assignment and nothing new. And for me, part of this is to challenge myself to do new things and stretch.Ran to the house for a pen, and you can see how dark it’s starting to get as the flash goes off for the next photo.  A thunderstorm was rolling in. I like the contrast of the soft, bright flower on the hard, monotone wood, but again this is a repeat from Tiny Kitty Graffiti.With thunder starting in the distance, I decided to write on the bridge.  A warning to those at home, this will ruin your pen, so don’t unwittingly sacrifice a beloved one. I considered kitty silhouettes or pictures, kitty words like “meow.” But these seemed kinda silly for a piece that looks rather somber. And I really love the somber about it and wanted to keep that tone. So I started writing a word per rung while thinking about how a cat might move across the bridge.  The storm chased me inside before I finished every rung, but I am pretty happy with it.

(This reminds me of the 10 word story from yesterday… but at some point I have to get on with the rest of my day and in out of the thunder!)“Cats walk delicately across tenuous surfaces.”“Bounding and leaping on the strong.”“Slinking through tight spots.”

9/13/11 Update.

We recently had a lot of rain and flooding. So while outside today I checked out the bridge status. Most rungs fell off and washed away towards the pond below this well. But a few rungs/sticks with words were around, so I took some photos.

  1. Cindy said:

    I LOVE your bridge….I think your blog is causing me to see cats everywhere, because I think I see a cat in the water below the bridge. Very cool :)

    • It starts seeping into your brain, doesn’t it? There are lots of other projects going on and now I notice birds, owls, flowers, etc. Lol! It’s great! The wiring in my brain is changing!

  2. Mary said:

    Your bridge is LOVELY! and what beautiful photos. You are really going the extra mile executing several versions. Now I feel lazy for not doing my project at all today. Well, it’s still today…

    • Thank you!! I was really just bumbling about trying to figure out how to get a cat into the bridge somehow and took pictures of the “rejects.” Hope to keep seeing your birds, fellow “365-er”!

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