Day 33: Recycle Kitty

I love the idea of taking bits of used items and saving them from a landfill! To fulfill today’s assignment from 365: A Daily Creativity Journal, I took items from my recycle bin to make a cat, so technically I’m not keeping them out of a landfill but out of the recycling stream.  I used tin snips and cut the head from a cat food can lid, the body is off a pill bottle it looks like, the tail used to be part of a salad container and the foot, which prevents it from rolling, is from the same cat food can lid.  I used permanent marker to draw features and glued it all with a hot glue gun. This is the 4th project in the last couple of weeks where I wished I had some acrylic paints, so hopefully I will get some soon as an early present for the winter holidays.

I really wanted to make a mobile, but I didn’t have time  today.  Maybe a mobile from recycled material in the future? Time will tell.

Happy Labor Day everybody!  And thanks for stopping by.


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