Day 34: Greens Cat

The suggestion for today’s project was to make a cat of all green materials, and possibly put it on a green background.  I wandered around a bit in the house before work, not seeing many green items… and then it occurred to me that I had some old origami paper and construction paper.  I dragged them out, put out some pastels and other green writing instruments and ran off to work.  Came back and worked for several hours to draw and try to figure out how to make this cat.  I wish I had reversed the left and right central facial colors – the light was supposed to be coming from the right side and should have been lighter, but I lost a sheet of paper mid-project and ended up using pastel on construction paper to make a different shade.  It’s all good, though!  I’m still happy with it as a first attempt doing something like this.

  1. Mary said:

    Congrats on your 365 mention!

    • Thanks!! I feel (almost) famous! Tee hee. You must have too!

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