Day 39: No Cats Sign

Today’s cat project started with me making an origami cat at lunch today, with some idea of building a mobile.  But I have some additional planning and supplies to get before that can happen.  So when I got home late tonight, I started working on a sign my hubby asked for, to replace the really fancy sticky note that’s been on one of our doors for a couple of years.  It leads to an office with some gear we really want to keep them and their hair out of. So I made a first sign that I liked (above) until I made the cat rather muddy.  It’s okay, but I wanted to make a nicer cat.

So I started a second sign. The cat came out well by herself, but when I added the text to the paper she was on, I messed up.  I had to cut out the “good cat” and put it with a copy of “good text.” Then I mucked that up by trying to add flowers for color – bad idea.  Ended up gluing the cat over the failed flowers… and here it is. Unfortunately you can clearly see the seam where the cat is glued on in real life, while you can’t this photo.  Maybe I’ll replace this sign in the future when my watercolor skills have improved some.This cat (below) I was really happy with.  It’s tiny, but it looks similar to the photo I was working from – an accomplishment with my rudimentary watercolor skills!


  1. nuvofelt said:

    Keep up the good work. Love the watercolour cat…..

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