Day 41: Origami Cat

Today I spent several hours making little origami jasmine flowers and paper stars (I’m pretty sure the stars don’t qualify as origami because they are from little strips of cut paper). I need to gather some more supplies and then I will make a mobile from them…. coming soon.

And I include a photo below of some of the “rejects.” The biggest piece on the right is part of a modular origami stella conica.  It’s just so big, I didn’t really like it or feel like finishing it (or have a lot of extra time to). And there is the beginning of a little one in the right foreground. It’s so small (and cute!) but the tabs keep popping out and I can’t get it to stay together – FAIL. And the flowers in the middle are nice, they’re just bigger than I want to use.

And I like that they are all made from waste-paper from where I work. I cut them into large and tiny squares with a paper cutter and origami-land, here I come!Origami cat – see video here

Origami stella conica – see video here

Origami jasmine flower – see video here

Little paper stars – see video here

  1. nuvofelt said:

    I am really not very good at origami. Your creations are lovely. Look forward to seeing what’s next.

    • Thank you! I’m watching to see what you create next, too! :)

  2. Sissel said:

    How can I make the same, please ? :-)

    • All the links are in the post – click and it will take you to each YouTube tutorial. Happy paper folding! :)

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