Day 42: Dream Inspired Cat

The suggestion Noah Scalin gave, that I followed for today, was to make something inspired by a recent dream. I have been unable to remember my dreams lately (which makes me sad – I love crazy dreams!) and I knew this assignment was coming for a week. So I’ve been trying to pay attention to any dreams I could remember.  I woke up one night thinking I had been on a boat out to sea in my dream , and this morning I woke up from dreaming about other people’s 365 projects and there was a mosaic by someone.  (Yes, I am officially obsessed – I dream about this stuff now!)  The final project is above, a mosaic about a cat in a boat on the sea. And that was actually really fun to make!

But today started with me first playing with my watercolor paints to try to improve my painting skills and I did an assignment from one of the library books. And then, the big realization of the day: I have crappy paint!  I was working really, really hard to get only a moderate amount of pigment on the paper. So, cool! My paintings are lame because the paint is crap!  LOL! Just kidding, just kidding. I’m no Rembrandt yet, no matter how amazing the paint is or isn’t. But this does inspire me to take the plunge and buy some decent paint and brushes. Below are the  6 little paintings in the exercise, with the book in the center showing some of the intense colors I’d like to get.

And then a close up on my painting vs their painting.  My colors aren’t too bad, but I was going back to the pans multiple times to make a small area that bright, taking multiple brush strokes.  Looking at their brush strokes (on previous pages in the book not seen here), they had a much easier time. It was kinda refreshing to realize new paints might help me create paintings I like more.Okay, and then there’s my little reject for the day below. I was thinking I would make a pretty watercolor sky and sea with a boat and a kitty.  And then put a little blue mosaic across part of the sea. But I think I was really frustrated with my paint at this point. You can see on the bottom right corner of the paper, I started off a brush stroke with a pretty decent amount of pigment and it was half gone in an inch or two further along the paper. So then I added multiple brush strokes to add pigment. And then I couldn’t get the mosaic pieces to stick to the painting. Running out of time between work and an appointment I needed to go to, I bailed out on this and moved on to the mosaic which became the final project. It’s all good.  I’m learning lots!PS I had NO IDEA you could spend over $1000 on a watercolor brush!  The jumbo round size 50 sells for almost $1300 here.  I wonder if it feels AMAZING to paint with these brushes?

  1. Mar said:

    Cool threads. Fun to follow along w/ you. I really love the one blue painting w/ the “star” in the lower corner. My photography has found a similar place in my days…. maybe I should learn to “blog” (whatever that is).

    • Thanks Mar!! I think a blog would be a great way to share your photos with lots of people. I know I would follow you! Let me know if you decide to set up a blog and want help (although I am no expert!)

  2. Gina said:

    You are so right! Quality tools and materials make all the difference. I have to fight my cheap brushes all the time. (PS you can sometimes get a little more life out of a brush by “sharpening” it on sandpaper.)

    • Hi Gina. Yes they do make a difference, don’t they! And that’s a good tip for extending brush-life. Thanks! And thanks for looking at my crazy stuff! LOL!

  3. nuvofelt said:

    I love playing with paper and colour. Your samples are lovely.

    This isn’t meant to be an advert, but if you want cheap but intense, these are fantastic!

    I wrote about them here but I use them all the time, and you’ll find other references to them.

    If you are looking for acrylics I’d recommend Golden Fluid acrylics – not cheap, but wonderful.

    • Thanks for the link. I like your “exercise”! And I just ordered patients today – watercolor and oil. Although I can’t remember the brands at the moment. If/when I get acrylics it will be the Golden heavy Bodies. Thanks for all you interest and comments!! I have a little felt piece coming up later today – but no where near as pretty as your materials. :)

  4. Rebecca Hawkins said:

    A friend of mine that does watercolors says you can probably get a good brush for $20 and that good paper is at least 50% of the solution to good painting. I realize she didn’t comment on how much good paints would cost you though. I’m enjoying your journey.

    • Hi! Thank you for visiting my crazy cat stuff! As I just said to Nuvofelt, I just placed an online paint & paper order today. So excited! I’ll probably support a local art store when I buy brushes. thanks again fir your comments :)

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