Day 43: Little Felt Cat

I was inspired by a book I found at a local art supply store called, “The Cuter Book” by Aranzi Aronzo and made this kitty. My design, but his suggestions for how to glue, sew and stuff the doll.
Today I learned that I want to sew all facial features first, then end with all glued facial features. Oooh, I have to fix the center of his mouth with some glueing. Well, that may become an updated photo tomorrow.

It’s so little, especially compared to the cat doll, here are a couple of photos for size comparison.

And Christmas is coming early this year!  Today I ordered some M Graham watercolors, M Graham oil paints and some Bristol boards online.  I’m so excited!! I can begin some of the color exercises in my books and start to learn to paint.  Next I’ll add some Golden acrylics, but that may be a while.

The coolest thing about this project is how happy I feel.  So grateful to Noah Scalin and all the other 365er’s who inspire me!!! And thank you for visiting and looking at my rudimentary creations!

  1. Mary said:

    Too cute! And I am so excited for you to get you new art supplies. There’s nothing like new supplies to get you going!

  2. nuvofelt said:

    That little cat is so cute. It would make the most adorable brooch.

    Better make some for Christmas presents!


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