Fourth day off

A little under the weather and suffering from lack of sleep. Going to snuggle up on the couch with my honey (ha ha! Grubby’s hubby) to watch Up! and crawl into bed early. See you tomorrow with a cat!

PS Was listening to the Accidental Creative podcast today and Todd Henry said it’s a difficult thing to maintain all three of these at the same time as a creative: 1) brilliant work 2) productivity and 3) your health. While I’m not a professional creative and calling my stuff “brilliant” is silly, I want to keep my health! So a night off.

Enjoy your night!

And a shout out to my mom who is apparently reading this! <3

  1. Joyce Lipman said:

    I Love every one of your creations and hope you are feeling better and rested today! I will keep following as long as you keep creatin’!!xxxxxooooomom

    • Thanks mum! (not too many kisses! eek – we’re in public) LOL!!

  2. Mary said:

    Yep, mention you’re sick and mom comes to the rescue. Got to love her for keeping an eye out for you.
    I believe that if you can maintain your health as a priority the productivity and brilliant work comes naturally when it needs to. If you focus on trying to do brilliant work everything else will suffer. Look at artists like Jackson Pollock. Take care and get to cat making soon.

    • I like your thought that health comes first! I’m having to think about that as I stay up late often to finish these projects, which my body does not appreciate. Thank you for all your comments. I find I look forward to them :)

  3. nuvofelt said:

    Hope you soon feel better. Rest while you can.

    • Thank you! Catching up on sleep last night definitely helped. Hope things are going well in your world – I’ve been reading your blog and it sounds like you have a lot on your plate too. And thank you also for all your comments. Awww, the warm fuzzies are flowin’. :)

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