Day 44: Origami Mobile

Today my hubby helped me take old Invisible Fence flag stakes and bend them to make a mobile frame (yay recycling!). And I knotted and passed thread through a (freshly made, smaller) origami cat, jasmine flowers and paper stars then tied them on the frame to make this mobile. Voila!

I would say this is a good example of my poor time management skills. On the positive side, I did pick to do this today because I was off, which was good. However, I thought it would take 2-3 hours and it took 5 to 6 hours. How can that be? Anyway, I am happy with the results. It feels peaceful to sit and watch the pieces gently move in the air currents. And other than the thread, it’s all out of recycled goods. Woo hoo. And it’s difficult to photograph, but I think you can see it well enough.

  1. Joyart said:

    Truly truly magical!

    • Thanks!! It took forever to make… well, at least a long time.

  2. Mary said:

    Love it! Space Cat Mobile! That does look like a lot of work!

    • Thanks! Who knew tying all those tiny knots would take so long?!

  3. That is absolutely beautiful…my fave so far :)

    • Thank you! And do I see you’re starting you’re own blog?!! I love the name. I am so excited for you! Good luck in your journey. I’ll be watching! :D

    • It was actually fun to make. I wasn’t prepared for the amount of time it took but it’s one of the projects I really like now.

  4. I think I accidentally destroyed my blog…I lost my front page and some things I wrote. Bummed and frustrated…waiting for tech help on Monday :)

    • Sorry to hear that! Learning new things is often challenging but hopefully ultimately rewarding.
      In the words of a tweet from Abigail Hilton, “Frustration is part of learning. Usually significant barriers indicate something desirable on the other side.” I have this favorited so I can visit it often.
      Good luck!

  5. LOVE it! My interpretation is the greater the frustration the greater the reward….that’s just to make me feel better :)

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