Day 46: Pen Cat

I’m still recovering from the time-consuming origami mobile and did a quick one today. The suggestion was to make something drawn with pens, inspired by pens, constructed from pens, etc. I started to draw a cat and realized I didn’t have time to do something I’d really like before I had to leave for work.  So, I engaged in Hello Kitty worship!

Doesn’t it just remind you of beams of god-light surrounding a being worthy of worship (like the image below)?  All worship Hello Kitty!!

My Hello Kitty pen is the one pen I can be sure won’t be stolen at work. But because I love it so much and it’s in my purse a lot, it has become quite stained by other pens.  I even bleached her before her photo shoot, but she’s still stained.  And… she’s still loved – by me at least! 

And in the spirit of Hello Kitty worship, I put temporary glitter tattoos on my forearm this morning.  Woo hoo!Today’s cat is one of the “creative” things I find myself doing with this project, that I would not really call “art.” It may be a matter of semantics, but I’m just rearranging already existing objects, not creating something that didn’t exist before. Although, I’m pretty sure my pens have never been arranged like that before… As far as I know… But maybe I need to come out more often in the middle of the night and check my kitchen counter!!!  Hello Kitty may have more power than I know! LOL!

  1. Joyart said:

    I’m thinking Hello Kitty is getting way too much attention. True- she’s a cutey, but I don’t know…

    • Hello Kitty can never get enough attention! Lol! And this really is the only project with her in it. :)

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