Day 50: Wire Cat

The suggestion for today was to make a cat from a thin gauge wire. I used floral wire, 26G. For having no training or skills with wire, I’m content. I do like that it’s 3D and stands on its own. I also have a thing for silver, so I like that it’s a shiny metallic silver color. She kinda turned out to have a sway back and a hay belly too. And her face changed shape as I was wrapping the wire. Not very cat like! Lol! Still, I’m content with this first foray into working with wire.

Sometimes once I’m done with a project, I have ideas for how I could do it differently, variations. I don’t really for this one. Maybe some wire sculpture somewhere will give me ideas.
Thanks for checking out this post and blog. Comments are welcome. Have a great night!

  1. The amount of creativity seeping through your veins leaves me speechless. I look forward to your post everyday!

    • Wow, thank you for the compliment. And it’s funny, when I hear people actually are looking at my blog I start to feel shy. LOL! Isn’t the point of having a blog to have people see your stuff? :) Thank you again!

  2. Mary said:

    That is too cool! I think she is very much like a cat running to the sound of the can opener. Make sure you put her on display so everyone gets a chance to see her.

    • Hi Mary! Thank you! I think she’s a variation on my cat Napoleon who’s a bit overweight right now… soon to start a diet. He’ll be sad… but skinnier and healthier. And it’s cool to hear what you see when you look at her – like I didn’t even think of the tuna fish can. LOL! Thanks as always for all your comments and support. :)

  3. Joyart said:

    This cat is so life-like. I can just picture my cat moving through the house the same way…Very beautifully captured and rendered. Love your work!

    • Thank you for your kind words of support. I appreciate them! :) I think your cat is skinnier though – ha ha!

  4. Noah said:

    The pose is spot on! Love it.

  5. nuvofelt said:

    You need to do a series of these, also, how about some tiny ones made into brooches

    LOL, are there enough hours in the day?

  6. Hey, you’re giving me more work to do! LOL! Thank you for your kind words. Actually, floating around in my brain is the idea of maybe making a little Etsy store or something and offering some things for sale. But there are a million ideas in there, many of which never come to fruition! So we’ll see. Thank you again for all your comments :)

  7. lostyarnloft said:

    This is so adorable – I love how it kind of seems like random chaos that somehow forms a cat!

    You may have mentioned earlier, but where are you getting the daily suggestions from?

    • There is a “365” logo on the top right hand side of my page. Click it and it takes you to Noah Scalin’s blog where he posts people’s 365 projects. And on the top right of his blog page, is his “365: A Daily Creativity Journal” book that I work from. There’s an interview with him on The Accidental Creative podcast (I’m on my iPhone at the moment and can’t look it up – sorry, you’ll have to Google it) that’s free and you can check out his ideas and see if you like it, too. I love the book! It has ideas and suggestions in it I would never think of! Challenges me every day :).
      Thank you for commenting! It’s something I’ll try to address: how to tell people in each blog or on the home page, what book I’m working from.
      Thanks for looking at my kitties, too! :)

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