Day 50: Chalk Cat

Today’s cat is drawn with chalk.  We have a slate kitchen counter so I made a “place mat” for my hubby’s breakfast cereal bowl.  But big-headed cat (who I may name soon… hmmm, what is his name?) is hungry and wants to eat the breakfast too!Tonight’s cat is another quick one because we’re unpacking, just back from a brief trip to Maine.  It was interesting to do the cats while traveling.  One night I almost forgot, I was so caught up in all the distractions of the day. It took some forethought, too – I looked ahead in the 365: A Daily Creativity Journal book for ideas.  Then I packed thin gauge wire, chalk, felt cat pieces (I actually cut the pieces ahead of time so I only had to sew, glue and stuff on the road) and a brought a photo of tiny heart cat with me to post.  I took all my photos with my phone and posted with the WordPress app.  Couldn’t figure out how to check on everyone else’s blogs while I was away, but I figured out how to keep posting on my own at least.

1 comment
  1. Mary said:

    I have to know, did you husband appreciate his breakfast art? I think mine would have laughed and shook his head at me. I am inspired by your planning and organizing. That is why you will stay on track and I slide off track lol. Keep it up!

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