Day 51: Ephemeral Cat (AKA Bubble Cat)

So today’s challenge was to make something ephemeral, with bubbles, smoke, etc. I chose bubbles! I rather wish I had the bubbles with a wand and I could add bubbles of a particular size of my choosing to a particular spot, but alas I have none.  And my cats today are the sadder for it. But they will survive.

Cat on a plate looked best when I first put it together. But it kept sliding and ended up morphed into something like a bunny-squirrel between his ears and tail… and what’s going on with his legs? LOL!Then I had fun with the bowl I scooped the bubbles out of.  I actually found this part to be fun. I had to keep chasing the eyes and nose around to get them in the right spot, and then they would drift away again.If you let the bubbles get to close, they form Cyclops Kitty!!

  1. Ange said:

    Haha! I laugh because I’ve tried bubbles too! Fun, huh? My experience with ‘bubble wand’ bubbles was an epic failure. I hope you have MUCH better luck than I did when you try. I really like the one in the second photo, myself! And I just love cyclops kitty!

  2. Thanks! I’m rather fond of cyclops, too. Huh, I would have thought the bubble wand would have been really helpful. A good reminder for me, that the best laid plans of mice and men… :)

  3. Ange said:

    Just because I couldn’t do it doesn’t mean that you can’t!!!!!

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