Day 52: Lazy Kitty Stencil T-shirt

So after I did Stencil Kitty, I knew I wanted to make a stencil on a T-shirt. And today was the day!  I decided I needed to make a new kitty design, so Lazy Kitty came into existence.  Mostly because that’s what my real life cats are like and I’m jealous!  I had bought some fabric paints a few weeks ago and a white T-shirt. I cut the stencil out of salad containers in our recycle bin.  And stamped the pattern first onto a practice old T-shirt…Then worked on the new T-shirt, tipping the kitty down on the left side a little more so he looked less “dead”…and then I had a t-shirt.Things I learned today:

1) This process takes a long time from start to finish.  I think it took about 4 hours or more?

2) I wish I had some black paint to make the words and the cat, then do the stars in silver glitter

3) This kitty probably would have benefited from some legs sprawling open to make him look more relaxed and less “amikufa” (Swahili for “dead,” of course. Doesn’t everybody know this?! Just kidding!).

4) There must be a way to prevent the paint from seeping out around the stencil… huh, I guess that’s one thing I did not learn today. :)

5) It would be much easier to make the stencil out of one piece of plastic, not multiple small moving ones.

Funny, today was a day when I really struggled to get an idea for a cat.  And then I really had to push myself to start.  Once I started, it rolled along well. Interesting to see how my brain works.

  1. Maybe stamping a t-shirt would be neater? Hmmm, but maybe more difficult if there were a lot of separate pieces? Suggestions and comments very welcome!

  2. Gina said:

    I like clear contact shelf paper for stencils. It’s waterproof, repositionable and cheap and has lines marked on the back to help you get your design straight. Cheers, Gina.

  3. Ange said:

    If you really want to try again, try googling ‘freezer paper stenciling’ (or a variation of that)!!! That works amazingly well! A roll of freezer paper is around $5.00 and can be found with the wax paper and tin foil in a better supermarket. I’ve made several shirts. If you want any pointers, just ask!

    I love your metallic paint! That looks awesome!

    • Thanks Ange! I’ll have to check out a google search on that when I’m getting ready for the next T-shirt. Thank you!!!

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