Fifth day off

It’s after midnight and I haven’t done a cat yet, so… I’m calling this a day off.
On a happy note, I had packages waiting for me when I got home: art supplies! Woo hoo! Also a used copy of _The Journal of Eugene Delacroix_ which I’ve read is supposed to be an amazing book, a peek into an artist’s mind. Have you read this? Curious what you thought, if you did! I’m so excited! See you with a cat tomorrow +/- paint exercises if I have time.

Watercolor and oil paints, Bristol boards, color wheel, palette, palette knife, gesso & brush cleaner.

  1. Mary said:

    Yeah! You got your supplies! And oils too, I am jealous. They look so… yummy! I haven’t read the book, but now I am curious.

    • They look so nice in the tubes, eh? Now I have to find time to play with them!! And sitting down to read seems to be an impossible dream. Between work-work and house-work and cat creations, there’s not a lot of free time. Oh well, the cats must go on! LOL!

  2. Joyart said:

    Have not read his book, but there is another that is a really great book artists and the process- Now, I have to find it in one of the packed boxes! Cannot remember the title. I’ll get back to you on this. New supplies are always wonderful and full of potential.

    By the way, loved soapy squiggly kitties…

  3. Thank you! Glad you liked the soap kitties. I’ll be interested to know the book you have. Not sure I even have time to read my own books at the moment. Oh well, it’s all good!

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