Day 54: Cat Event Haiku

Too much insulin
Sent Chaos to the clinic
All day. He’s okay.

The suggestion in “365: A Daily Creativity Journal” that I decided to follow today was to write a haiku about an event today. And I was in luck to have a even cat event to write about! (Well, not really… as you are about to read.)

So my most snuggly cat, Chaos Love and Joy Super Kitty, got the wrong dose of insulin this morning, because I made a mistake. I realized just after I injected it and packed him up to spend the day at the vet clinic. His blood glucose stayed normal all day because he got to eat all the high carb dry food he wanted – that made him happy! But he’s not a very good patient because he’s scared there. So this is him home tonight with his bandaid on his leg.

Doesn’t he look pitiful? I feel bad that he got tortured all day for my mistake. But I’m really happy he is fine and home tonight. He was due for bloodwork anyway, but this is not how I wanted to do it!

  1. Joyart said:

    Glad to hear Super Kitty is okay! Life happens, but all is well that ends well. He does look a little like a deer caught in the headlights though! :)

  2. Mary said:

    aaawe, poor baby. give him some extra love.

    • he’s been getting extra chin scratches today. thanks!

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