Day 55: Yarn Cat

The challenge for today was to make a cat out of yarn.  Hmm, I have no idea how to knit a cat and that would probably take hours.  So I wanted to make a jumping cat today and the best silhouette I could find was of a tiger – RAWR!  But in blue yarn, he doesn’t look so scary.Then I made a second cat of yarn wound around loose on my counter… and forgot to photograph it.  So just imagine it, very cute, loose loops and spirals of yarn forming a cat.

Which led me to the third cat (with too short a face – oops), where I put glue on cardboard first and then pressed the yarn into it. (Sketch the cat out first? That’s crazy talk!)PS For a sci-fi story featuring an appearance (however brief) of a nano-enhanced tiger (RAWR!), go to the Escape Pod episode here!

  1. These are wonderful! I really love the first one. Thanks so much for sharing your terrific talent!

  2. Making a cat out of yarn without knitting – original :) I saw this and then the rest of your blog making cat images of various things. A very inspirational blog you have!

  3. Joyart said:

    It is an inspirational blog! And Yarn Kitties are splendid!

    • Thank you! And thanks for always checking on the cats here. :)

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