Day 56: Twist-tie Cat

I’m not loving how today’s project came out, but it is what it is: my cat for today. And I’m learning and getting more experience every day, which is the goal.
This project happened because 3 large sheets of twisty-ties were about to be thrown out if I didn’t want them. And how could I pass up free, easy to work with, reused, construction material for a cat? I had images in my head of a whole body 3-D cat sculpture, but it turns out the wire is too flexible to hold a large structure without multiple layers or supports. So I cut back to a cat-bust. Which also helped with my current time constraints (e.g. Today was a 13 hour work day & I’m beat).
Hmmm, maybe he’s supposed to be a skeleton for something else? I will let that idea tumble around in my brain for a while.
Thank you for coming here to look at the cats! And any feedback or stories about cats… or twisty-ties, are always welcome.

  1. Mary said:

    ooh save this for day 68!( I totally skipped that project)

  2. Ange said:

    I am impressed…..
    Your cat bust looks fantastic!

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