Day 57: Prep Cat Sketches

So these cats are sketches, a step towards the next complete cat.  This is one of those days when I’m not quite sure what to do as far as counting it towards the 365 days.  Do I number this as its own day? Is a progress day I could post but not give it its own number?  What I decided was that these cats are their own creations in their own right, so they get their own day.  One of these sketches may or may not become tomorrow’s cat.  As usual, with my poor sense of the passage of time, I thought I could do sketches and complete the full cat in a few hours.  Alas, I was wrong! Oh so wrong! LOL!

I am curious what cat everyone favors.  In the end, there will be color added to the designs to complete the project, if that helps to know.  I may or may not use everyone’s voted up cat, but I am curious what you think, so I’m adding a poll at the end of this.

First tiger cat (above)Geometric cat (above)Tiger cat with stripes (above)Tiger cat with triangles (above)Whimsical cat (above)Circle-square-triangle cat (above)Contour cat (above)

For other blogger’s using WordPress, their new top bar and updated app are pretty sleek and sexy, aren’t they?

  1. I think that drawing qualifies, even if it’s part of the design stage!

  2. Mary said:

    I voted for the tiger cat with stripes. I liked him for his cute little face, but I also like whimsical cat. Maybe you should do a series…

  3. Joyart said:

    These cats are great and they remind of a drawing exercise that I once did. You use a large newsprint page and pen only and begin to draw all different shapes, but no lines can cross and you don’t lift the pen until you are ready to stop for a break. It is amazing how many shapes emerge and how the whole thing looks really complex and intriguing. It took time to fill the whole page and I finished off with a light watercolor wash, which made the paper wavy, but was a good final touch!

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