Day 58: Old Cat Made New

The assignment I followed today from “365: A Daily Creativity Journal” was to take something old and make it look new.  I actually started working on this project about a week ago. I found an old sled and an old metal patio chair out in one of our barns, that could use some serious cleaning up and paint and thought I could paint a cat on one of them.  But seeing as I’m working to keep projects a little shorter, I settled on this cat I bought for $1.00 at a thrift store – much smaller, less work and time involved.

And as I was totally indecisive about what pattern to put on him, I went with the cat most voted for yesterday – Tiger with stripes.

Napoleon stopped in to help. (His housemate, Chaos stopped in too. But he almost stepped in the oil paints and was banned from the table before a cute picture could be taken.)

And I broke out my oil paints and decided what colors to use. Acrylics would have been easier as they dry faster, but I have what I have.  I picked a tetrad – red, yellow, green, violet. This was the first time mixing paints with a real goal in mind, so it was a good exercise to make the colors I wanted.Weird, half-finished cat with creepy double eyes.

And the finished product.It’s not a bindi, he has a hole in his forehead and tail – I suspect he once hung from a wire between them.I like that he’s bright and had a total makeover. Not sure I like the red and yellow.  Maybe I could have done a triad of colors with green, violet and orange.  Hmmm. I don’t see myself repainting him anytime soon, though. This took about 4.5 or so hours to set up, paint and clean up. Add photography time and posting… maybe 5.5 hours.   I’m still not good at planning time, but I’m working on it.  And working on choosing colors and mixing them.  Learned I also need smaller oil brushes – had to use an old small watercolor brush for this. Overall, it was another project with lots of learning.  Good times!


12/18/2011 This piece took 45 days to dry fully! Kept getting green and purple on my fingertips checking it. But it finally was dry on November 19, 2011.

    • Thank you! I kinda like him now that it’s been a few hours since he was finished. I keep checking on him, LOL! Thanks for checking out the cat here, too :)

  1. Mary said:

    Love it! I like how you moved his facial features to make him more realistic. He need to be hanging up somewhere :)

  2. Thanks Mary. Yea, his eyes were in kind of a weird spot and his face seemed kinda long. I think he’s going to take a few days to dry, but I like your idea of hanging him up! :)

  3. What fun. I like the red and yellow.

    • Thank you. And it helps to hear people’s opinions on the things I lack confidence in, like the red and yellow. :)

  4. Joyart said:

    The pattern is wonderful and the colors, I think, are perfect. He is one happy-looking, bright eyed cat!

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