Day 59: Lincoln Log Cat

Since yesterday’s cat took a while, y’all get a few quickies for the next few days. :)
My father used to play with these Lincoln logs in the 1940’s, and then in the 1970’s my brother and I put them to good use again. When friends’ kids are over, the toys sometimes come out. But I haven’t had them out to use them myself, probably since… the 1970’s?! (Yikes!) I love when old things get to have new life. And these toys are one of the few things I hang onto for sentimental reasons. Also because they are practical… and I just like them!
The cat started out as first just a face, then a standing cat but Chaos jumped up and became my model. (This worked out for the best because the cat legs in the standing cat weren’t going to fit on the table.)


I’m actually pleasantly surprised how she came out. Who knew you could make a recognizable cat with Lincoln logs? LOL!
In the spirit of learning better time management, this cat took an hour to make, photograph, post and cleanup.
(Photos taken with iPhone & post written on the WordPress app. RIP Steve Jobs. You changed the world.)

    • Thank you! Complements from you mean alot! And thanks for checking out the cats here too :)

  1. What fun. The old toys are still the best….

    • Thanks!! I agree! That’s why I like keeping the old toys in the house. When our your visitors play with Lincoln logs, must engage their brains in different ways than video games do. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. And I think variety, imagination and brain flexibility is really important! Thank you as always for visiting!! :)

  2. Ange said:

    Haha! I love your helper!
    One of my daughters was peeking over my shoulder and laughed at Chaos. We have a helper cat too!

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