Seventh day off – recharging the ol’ creative batteries

I am beginning to think a regular day off each week from the cat project is a good idea for me to recharge my batteries. If I worked fewer hours and had fewer responsibilities at home (mostly I fan the cats and feed them food from china and crystal – don’t let them tell you differently!), I could plow on with a project every day. But I do find myself getting over-tired, resenting the project, lacking sleep, inspiration and joy. That one day off for me makes all the difference. I still feel anxiety EVERY day as I start a project, but I love this project so much I can’t stop.  And I am so much happier everywhere else in my life, too.  Obviously I needed to get some creativity going on. So tonight is recharge batteries night!

  1. Spider said:

    Enjoy your recharge! I really love your project (and your cat stories). It would be a waste to quit entirely!!

    • No worries. I’m definitely not quitting! But it is interesting to watch myself trying to find a way to keep this sustainable over the long term. Thank you for checking out the cat project! And thanks for commenting :)

  2. nuvofelt said:

    Rest up, you’ll be fresh for tomorrow.

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