Day 63: Doodle Cat

At a work meeting most of the day. Best way to make a cat? Doodle!!


(And shhh, don’t tell anyone – I’m posting this while still at work! Meeting over and I have about 4-5 more hours of real work to do now.)

  1. I love how your first image works with the text! It’s like a found poem.

    • Ha ha! I didn’t even notice. Good eye! And thank you for visiting and commenting!

  2. Spider said:

    It’s indeed a poem! But I like the second picture more. It shows a cat with true instincts, must be difficult to draw.

    • Thank you! Maybe it would have been difficult if I had pre-planned it and made the mouth so it really looked like he was holding a mouse, but I was just doodling. But thank you for your comment!

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