Day 64: Cat Fish

The suggestion I decided to follow today (from Noah Scalin’s “365: A Daily Creativity Journal”) is to make something under water. Upon reflection, I may have misinterpreted what he meant, so I’m thinking of taking another stab at this suggestion some time in the future, but here is today’s interpretation. I bought the fish bowl at a thrift store for a few bucks and made the cat/fish with Sculpey. It didn’t quite come out as whimsical as I pictured it in my head, but it will do. Partially inspired by Dr. Seuss fish. :)

I was looking on YouTube at what people make with Sculpey – there are some beautiful, amazing pieces out there! And cute ones too!The inspiration from Dr. Seuss:

  1. I adore this! I want a cat fish like this for myself. :) Great job! Thanks for sharing! Seriously love this. :)

  2. Joyart said:

    Every cat’s dream- to be able to swim with the fish and then GOBBLE! Love him…

  3. Ange said:



  4. Wow, thank you everyone! It’s funny how I didn’t think much of how this came out, but it got some really supportive comments. Just goes to show how I need a little distance from a project sometimes to have any kind of perspective. Thank you all again!

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