Day 65: White on White Cat

Noah Scalin’s challenge for today? Work with only white materials on a white background. How did I not notice how chubby I made my cat’s cheeks? Oh well, at least you can tell it’s a cat! Ha ha!

Grubby’s hubby donated part of a white card (I think he uses them to bounce light in his video business) to add thickness to each layer. Sadly, it does not cut very well with an Exacto knife or scissors.  But, it gave depth to the layers so shadows would be created and you can see the different pieces even though everything is white.

This cat took 4 hours. Again, I thought this would be a quick one.  It felt quick as I was doing it, but 4 hours is pretty long.  My perception of time is SO distorted! Ha ha!

  1. Mary said:

    Foam core! that is hard to cut. You did a great job on this cat. reminds me of a halloween mask…

  2. Ange said:

    This is great! I like that you took that second shot so we could see the layers and what you used. I’ve had turtles that i thought would be quick and/or easy that took forever and were anything but easy!

  3. Spider said:


    But, what do you do with the cats you made? Where do you keep them? Or do you just throw them away again? Maybe something to write about on an off-day? ;-)

    • Hmmmm. I’m supposed to DO something with them once I make them?! Ha ha! JK! I just stack them up on my now-crowded dresser and store the flat pieces in a file folder. Your question helps spur me on to do something more with them. You’re right. It could be it’s own post. It will definitely be a lot of work to figure out how and prep them for display. Thanks for the food for thought!

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