Day 66: Medication Cat

Today’s cat is kinda silly and definitely more on the creative side than the fine art side. It was inspired while organizing evening medications for my cats. This is Napoleon’s thyroid pill with his Pill Pocket formed around it. It didn’t photograph very well, but there is a cat face drawn on the pill. When I was done, I rolled the pill up in the Pill Pocket and he ate it right up! Yum – salmon flavor!

And a Pill Pocket cat with no pill (you can see his face a little better).

Edible art. Don’t need to worry about storing it anywhere! Just feed it to the kitties.

  1. Very fun idea :) I really like your wallpaper…is that what you call the picture at the top. I LOVED the one with chaos and you at your key board. Nice.

    • Thank you! With the WordPress theme I’m using, it’s called the “header.” It’s an oddly shaped space. I’m slowly collecting photos I can crop and use there. Thank you for the feedback :D

  2. Ange said:

    I’ve never heard of a pill pocket. I have given cats pills before though. That is quite an adventure! If my Pixie ever needs pills I will definitely look into this ‘pill pocket’. See? You are educational too!!!!!!

    • Greenies makes them and they are wonderful!! IF you have a cat who will eat them. My other cat Chaos has bitten into one and tasted the pill and will have nothing to do with them. Napoleon has been eating them for a year maybe, and loves them. Ha ha! Educational! Love your turtles! And thanks for commenting.

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