Day 67: Photo App Cats

Photo fun! Inspired by other bloggers’ beautiful photos, I decided to play, today.

The above photo was altered with the BeFunky app and then labelled with the Labelbox app. Below is the original photo. Chaos wandering outside (with supervision… much to his chagrin! Ha ha!) Both of these apps alter already existing photos.

Not a cat, but I’ll still share it. A dahlia in my garden, complete with bee and butterfly.

And here’s the original. It’s such a bright purple flower, it looks more pink in the photo than the flower does in sunlight.

These are with CamWow – you can pay to get their logo removed from the bottom right corner… I just partially covered it with Labelbox because I’m not loving this app enough to pay money. Napoleon was wandering around, so he was my subject. You choose the effect first, then take the picture with you iPhone with this app.

And another CamWow. (There are many more effects than just these two.) He rather looks like a ferret to me in this picture. Hee hee.

And lastly, PopBooth. Napoleon was the model tonight. (Labelled with Labelbox.) This app takes 4 photos in a row with only a couple of seconds between each shot, then you add the color effect. You can get printed strips on card stock mailed to you, too.

This was a really fun project. My favorites were definitely BeFunky and Labelbox.

I welcome any comments. I’m curious what other people like. And suggest any other apps you like for modifying photos.

Hope you have a great day!

Because I can’t stop, here’s another:


  1. azuleny said:

    I love cats very much. I will follow your blog to see more. Ironically, I like the butterfly picture the most. The last picture was also very nice.

    • Thank you! [I know, I like the butterfly photo the best too. Kinda sneaked it in there – shhh. :D] Thank you for checking out the cats here!

  2. Mary said:

    Love your photos and edits. The Butterfly and the Bee is super cool AND I believe is still cat themed. Haven’t we all seen cats chase butterflies and bees? It’s like a cat’s eye view!

    • Ha ha! I like the way you think!! And thank you :)

  3. Joyart said:

    Haven’t written in a couple of days- the white cat from a previous day was terrific. Love the all-white effect, and pill kitty is so small- it looked hard to do! As for all of the photos- my favorite is Chaos and the truck. I think it is the perspective of old truck, the hill behind and the kitty close up. Not sure, but for some reason- that one is my favorite! As always, I admire all the work you put in (but, I know the fun aspect outweighs the time!)

  4. saltymom said:

    Lovely ! Hard to pick a favorite, I like the butterfly and the bee and also the color effects on camwow … also the popbooth one :D

    • Hi saltymom! I think I found BeFunky and Labelbox on your blog. Thank you! And thanks for visiting the cat project here :)

  5. Cindy said:

    I’m loving the Dalhia, butterfly, bee photo….Love both the original and altered.

    • Hmmm… this seems to be the favorite :). Thank you!!

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