Day 68: Kitty Sketches

I welcome your opinion!  These kitties are a step in an upcoming project.  I have no favorite at the moment. I was just churning out ideas. But I need help picking one to take to the next level.  It will be a while before you see the finished product, but I wanted to get started today.

I didn’t get as far in the process as I planned, because I unexpectedly took in a foster chihuahua puppy today, which added a few hours of chores to my day (non-cat photos at the end of this post for the interested).


And here is Bambi, the chihuahua puppy.  The rescue group I adopted Napoleon from does an amazing job rescuing really nice dogs and cats who need help. This puppy just recovered from parvo, but is having some trouble gaining weight. So he’s now in my house and will come with me to work, where he can get more food and attention than with the whole group of puppies he was with and hopefully thrive.  (And yes, Bambi IS a boy. My disclaimer: I did not name him! LOL) When he’s doing well, he will head out into the world to a home that will permanently adopt him.  He is very cute, but my cats are going to be stressing out once they realize he’s here.  He had a big day and is only sleeping so far, but that won’t last long!  (Sorry the photos are blurry – he’s nervous and I took them with my phone.)

Wish Bambi luck! He’s a little boney rail of a boy!


  1. Mary said:

    I just fell in love. Who couldn’t love skinny Bambi in his pink sweater?! I hope he finds a good home where the new owners will call him Benny (He just looks like a Benny to me). Way to rock that sweater dog!

    • “Benny!” I love it! And he’s comfortable enough with his masculinity to wear pink!… or at least his rescue group thinks so. :) Actually, I don’t put the sweater on him now that he’s with me. Heating pads and heat lamps keep him toasty warm at home and at work. In the car, he snuggles up on my lap with my scarf. He’s so cute!

  2. Joyart said:

    Oh my gosh- is he cute! Hope he will find a home real soon- Sweet little dog…

    • Once he starts putting some weight on and fully recovers from his parvovirus, he’ll find a home. I think it will be quick.

  3. Ange said:

    Bambi the deer is boy!
    Although I think he needs more masculine attire, if he is going to be wearing more than his own fur coat.
    You have a good heart. :)

    About your sketches… I voted for ‘Happy Kitty’ because a cat enjoying a sunbeam makes ME happy, but I just LOVE the book that ‘Planning Kitty’ is reading!

    • Yes, the deer was male. And I honestly think of a girl when people talk about names like “Bambi” and “Candie”. I seem to be gender prejudiced! You’ll be happy to know he doesn’t wear the pink sweater with me. And the little fur coat I had for another chihuahua foster is way too big for him. So we just keep him warm with heating elements. And thanks for your vote! My hubby thought maybe the last cat should be reading “How to Open Cans of Tuna!” LOL!

  4. Spider said:

    Think, think, think. “Tired Kitty” of “Planning Kitty”? Ehm…. Tired Kitty it is! I’m really looking forward to your ‘next step’ in this project.

    • Thanks for commenting & voting! Now you can see the final project :)

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