Day 70: Salt Cats

It turns out salt is a lot harder to move around than paper hole punches. It kind of crunches and pops out of place.   Who knew? :)

The suggestion I followed today from Noah Scalin’s 365: A Daily Creativity Journal was to work with a lot of something. I picked grains of kosher salt and put them on construction paper.

Above is Chaos my cat watching me arrange grains of salt.This was a photo of tiger cat with the right side of his face in shadow and a big white patch in the center of his face.Kitty silhouette. The most easily recognizable cat today.

  1. What lovely kitties (in this post and in your previous posts!). Gotta love a 365 day project of making cats….

  2. melissa said:

    I like a salty cat more than a salty dog. These are really great!

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