Day 71: Flower Cats

The suggestion I followed today from Noah Scalin’s 365 book was to work with flowers. Because it was 10:30 pm before I could start the project today, I just used the dahlias we had in the house. I love these flowers and so this became rather fun. My favorite is the first one with the purple and orange flowers really simply arranged. And because it was voted early on that I show my “reject” project versions, here are the lot of them. (I had to resist the urge to draw cats on the petals as I did that already for tiny kitty graffiti day.)

Ahhh, there’s a yellow growth in the center of his head!I’m not sure this one even looks like a cat. An anemone with purple growths? (Hee hee.) A strange teddy bear? An alien with pom pom’s?This flower looks less like a cat and more like a recently groomed West Highland Terrier to me:(<– See? Westie with a big puffy head and little ears.)

So I worked on “grooming” my flower more to make it look like a cat.The cat below is made from flower parts. I think it may be a relative of the slightly insane Cheshire cat. Who knew that if you pull all the petals from the center of a dahlia it would look like those eyes? Weird, almost plastic-like green parts.Chaos Love and Joy Superkitty helps with a little quality control inspection. Doin’ his part for the project.Thank you for visiting! Comments welcome.

Hug a cat today… or spare her and just scratch her chin =^.^=

  1. Ange said:

    First, my cat and I had our morning snuggle over an hour ago, complete with lots of head scratches!
    Second, these are great cats. My personal favourite is the Cheshire-like one. :)

    • Awww, snuggles & scratches – your cat is lucky! It kinda fascinates me how different people like different projects. Reminds me there is no “right” way to create something.

  2. These are lovely flowery cats – i like the West Highland terrier too!

    • Awww, a vote for the Westie! I do live dogs, too. I feel like my project kinda gives them short shrift. Oh well, only about 295 days or so of cats to go.

  3. LilaLena said:

    That purple cat with its weird look made me laugh out loud! Love it! :D And a very educational cat, too: I hadn’t know about a dahlia’s centre, either. Quite fascinating… ^^

    • “Educational” – LOL! Glad to entertain and educate. Thanks for your comments :)

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