Day 76: Non- Cute and Cuddly Cat

The assignment I chose to follow today from Noah Scalin’s “365: A Daily Creativity Journal” was to make something that is not normally cute and cuddly into something that is. I thought about this challenge for days, originally envisioning a hunched, hissing, black cat made into a little (“cute & cuddly”) felt doll. But it seemed kinda predictable. There are items like that in all our local stores with Halloween approaching. Then it popped into my head as an image: a swiping paw with sharp claws extended (definitely not cute or cuddly)… made into a “doll.” It’s funny that my hubby came to me a little later that day with the same idea. I started the project at work during a break, and finished it at home after midnight. And I was lucky enough to have my lap kept warm by a chihuahua puppy at the beginning and a cat at the end of the project.


20111026-005843.jpg I was much happier with sewing on the details (in this case, footpads) first rather than gluing them or adding them later as I did with the other felt projects. The foot did look so cute and cuddly as I sewed the pink pads on the black felt, I was actually a little startled at how (relatively) aggressive it looked once I started adding the nails.

Hope you have a lovely day!

Hug a cat… with caution! (hee hee)

  1. Melissa said:

    It’s really is a sweet-scary paw!

  2. Joyart said:

    Really is scary/cute all at the same time! Another success…

  3. Ange said:

    Very creative!
    Are you going to make a necklace or something out of it?

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