Day 77: Cat Earrings

I bought jewelry findings meant for use with clay, a few weeks ago. I had the idea of painting a cat of my own and pouring resin to finish them off. So tonight I painted some cats for this project. I will collect a few other things before I mix and pour resin, so they are actually waiting for finalization. My original plan had been to do these with oil paints, but my lungs were so reactive for days after the last oil paint, I didn’t want to use them again with the house all closed up now. So I broke out my as yet unused watercolor tubes. The colors were wonderfully saturated and bright compared to the cakes I was using.  While I don’t love these earrings as they are, I will let them percolate in my mind for a while before I figure out what I want them to look like so that I’d actually wear them.  Although I am NO fashion queen, I am ridiculously picky about what I will and won’t wear. So this project may undergo a redo in the future.  We’ll see.  I did have fun painting all the little silhouettes.  I started out with just one shape (in the blue circles on the right) and then got more confident to paint more of a variety. My idea was to have really bright paints for the earrings and I liked the idea of a little cat silhouette, but I’m not sure they work together quite as I wanted.

The blue paint is darker in real life, so you can’t actually see some of the cats when the blue is dark in the center. So I learned I needed to lighten the center of the circle to see the cat better.And I trimmed out two cats and placed them in the findings. Ready for resin (or for me to redo them…)Have a lovely evening!  And thank you for taking the time to visit my cats. :)

  1. Ange said:

    What a great idea! I can’t wait to see what you end up with.

  2. Joyart said:

    What a cool idea! There are so many possibilities! Can’t wait to see what you finally decide on…

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