Day 79: Silkscreen Elephant Cat

I have been driven to create another silkscreen. Today’s is inspired by my stepfather’s idea for a t-shirt that my brother made years ago. It’s a red t-shirt that says “yellow” on it. It makes my scratch my head and chuckle. So I thought of how weird a word could I put under or over a cat? Hmmmm… “elephant”! A co-worker had a good idea for another word, so that may be coming up soon. (I’m exposing my odd sense of humor here. Are you running away screaming yet? Hee hee.) This didn’t dry as fast as I wanted, so no inking tonight.


A closeup so you can see the dried glue and the screen.


Here’s a link to the first video in a series about how to make a silkscreen.  This is the method I used for this and the previous silkscreen.

And the chihuahua foster dog is doing well. Look, you can’t count every single rib anymore! Can’t wait until his rescue group finds him a home. He’s a lot of work. And he is super cute and fun while he’s with us, though.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

  1. Joyart said:

    Can’t wait to see the t-shirt! Really a fun idea!

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